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Stuff I made.

Supershotgun (For Ultimate Doom)

Supershotgun (For Ultimate Doom) published on

About: The Doom II supershotgun sprites and sounds with just a snippet of DECORATE, and voilĂ ! Double barreled Ultimate Doom. Might seem a little out of place for just fighting imps and zombiemans though.

Protip: Good for any Doom I deathmatches.

Compatibility: Skulltag, probably everything else. Uhhhh, Doom I.


Chex Weapons

Chex Weapons published on

About: This mod replaces all weapons in Doom with their Chex Quest counterparts.

Protip: Since this WAD only contains sprites, sounds, and a LANGUAGE lump, you can safely auto-run this and still join servers that aren’t using it.

Compatibility: ZDoom and Skulltag tested, should work on almost any modern port. Doom and Doom II are both fine.


Plasma Stunner

Plasma Stunner published on

About: A pistol which fires red plasma. Upon hitting your victim, that player is stunned for 5 seconds. During these five seconds, their screen will turn white, and they will be unable to move, giving you the opportune time to attack and/or escape.

Protip: Useless in single player.

Compatibility: Skulltag, most likely everything else. Oh and Doom or Doom II.