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Stuff I made.

Gun Shop

Gun Shop published on

About: This mod adds a credit system to Doom. You earn credits by killing monsters or picking them up throughout the map. Once you have enough credits, you can buy new items in the Gun Shop, in-between maps. Note: This means you can no longer find weapons lying around levels now.

Protip: This will work for both single player and co-op.

Compatibility: Skullag exclusive, as usual. Doom II only, as well.


Set Custom Restart

Set Custom Restart published on

About: Adds two new menu keys in the customize controls menu that lets you warp around the level. Basically you store your coordinates whenever you want for instant warpification to that same spot at the time of your choosing. (Warping is one way only.)

Protip: BFG-room campers.

Compatibility: Skulltag, possibly others. Doom or Doom II.