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Revenant Pants Debate

We at believe that the revenant pants debate is a bit of a gray area. It seems clear that the original intention of id was to make the legs just be bone and blood, sans pants.

Photo of model revenant courtesy of
Photo of model revenant

On the other hand… The in game sprites in the final released version of Doom II show a slightly different picture.

Photo of Revenant from Doom Wiki
Photo of Revenant from Doom Wiki

It appears that right below his armor is his ribcage, covered in blood. Yet, immediately under that you have another shade of red, followed by his shins. We feel the real question is… Is the revenant wearing shorts? does not have an official stance on this matter, but we generally agree the revenant is in fact wearing shorts. We do acknowledge the fact that this might not have been the original plan of id, but rather a last minute addition. If the shorts really were blood, it would probably be a brighter shade as it is in the rest of the game.

UPDATE: According to the legend himself, John Romero, revenants in fact are not pants-wearers. That means it’s just an obscene amount of blood… Eww. Anyway so yeah I still see some sort of trousers when I look at them but yeah they officially don’t. revenants pants-wearers? That is, do they wear some sort of trousers?
Romero:Nope, no pants – just an armor top. They were soldiers a while ago, then died. Then came back……with rockets.

Email him yourself if you don’t believe me.