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Last Updated: 4.27.13

This page is for minor modifications that are too small to be their own projects, and projects that are abandoned. (Or that I’m too ashamed to admit that I actually put effort into.) Some of the minor tweaks are worth it but mostly this is just a place for junk. If you’re going through here you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel, and that barrel is at the bottom of another barrel.


About: The first map I ever created. It lasts about thirty seconds, if you take things slow. I wanted to try my hand at level making, after watching a bunch of tutorials and stuff. So this level combines everything I had learned… in a level the size of a janitor’s closet.

Protip: Don’t waste your time.

Compatibility: Doom I. Should work on any source port…



About: Well… this makes rockets act solid… Duh. Meaning that they can crash into each other and explode in mid-air like a cool totally awesome action movie. It makes fighting the Cyberdemon much more fun. Also if a rocket hits another projectile, the rocket will keep going and the other projectile will explode.

Protip: Pretty cool in deathmatch, if your aim is good enough.

Compatibility: Definitely Skulltag, probably ZDoom, and maybe some other ones. Oh and Doom or Doom II.



About: This wad is pretty self explainatory… It let’s you see the POV of the player that killed you whenever you die.

Protip: Don’t respawn right away, see where your enemy goes so you know how to sneak up on them.

Compatibility: Skulltag, Doom, Doom II.



About: This mod gives you a that gun fires a red plasma ball which allows you to teleport around the level. I probably should’ve made it an inventory item actually… OH WELL TOO LATE.

Protip: Amaze your friends! Flabbergast your enemies!

Compatibility: Skulltag, probably others. Doom, Doom II.


scrollvolume.wad and periscope.wad

About: These wads use the same alias scripts as this, but instead of changing your FOV value, they change your volume, which is actually useful, and your view height, which is just really silly. It does this by changing the value of the chasecam height, and using chasecam, and yeah. The volume one will work on any server, but the periscope thing only works if chasecam is enabled, which generally isn’t the case, except for coop servers. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a newer version of Skulltag the periscope one won’t work at all.

Protip: If you can’t use these because your mouse doesn’t have a scrollwheel, you need a new mouse.

Compatibility: Skulltag, and I think ZDoom. Doom, Doom II.

Download ScrollVolume!
Download Periscope!


About: Your speed at 100% health is the same as default. At 50% health, your speed is half the default, and at 200% health, it’s twice as fast as usual. Yeah I think you get it…

Protip: Super realistic!

Compatibility: Skulltag and most likely anything else. Doom or Doom II.



About: A aimbot-like weapon. Just put an enemy under your laser pistol crosshair and they’ll instantly be gibbed.

Protip: HAAX!!

Compatibility: Skulltag, maybe ZDoom. Doom or Doom II.



About: A simple TEXTURES lump which flips all of the marine sprites vertically. The only reason I’m even saving this is because flipping sprites is much more tedious than it should be. Just flipping one player skin takes over two hundred lines, and there’s no efficient way to automate the process, either.

Protip: ?????????????????

Compatibility: Anything that supports TEXTURES.



About: This wad makes the player consistently right-handed.

Protip: Consistency is key.

Compatibility: Anything that supports TEXTURES.



About: All monsters target you as soon as the map loads, even before they have seen you.

Protip: If Nightmare! isn’t challenging enough, maybe this will help.

Compatibility: Zandronum.