Gun Game

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September 22nd, 2011


“Based off of the Black Ops game mode, all players start with a low tier primary weapon. Get a frag with that and you trade in your gun for the next tier weapon. Get through all 20 tiers and you win. Watch out for the melee kick though, or you’ll go back down a tier. Also try the random and classic modifers for even more fun!”


Thanks to Realm667 and all of the awesome artists there for the weapon sprites.

  1. Kick
  2. Revolver
  3. DualPistols
  4. CoachGun
  5. WesternShotgun
  6. DukeShotgun
  7. AK47
  8. MachineGun
  9. Rifle
  10. M16
  11. G3
  12. MP40
  13. GatlingGun
  14. M60
  15. SniperRifle
  16. HeavyRifle
  17. Bazooka
  18. M79
  19. Flametosser
  20. SawThrower
  21. IronCrossbow


CLASSIC (Buckshot): If you’re a fan of the Gun Game gameplay but prefer the original weapons of id, enable Buckshot mode for classic weapons! Same new gameplay with the old weapons you love!

RANDOM (Instagib): If you prefer to mix things up, enable Instagib mode and try the random weapons modifier! Random mode includes all of the new weapons in this mod, plus all of the ones in classic mode, in a completely mixed up order every time!


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