Bot Creator

In the interest of digging up old relics of time, I present you my Skulltag Bot Creator program. Written in AutoHotkey a few months back, but never released because I was waiting for a more appropriate time. Since Skulltag is dead now, I guess it’s a Zandronum Bot Creator.

It should be pretty self-explanatory, except that you must keep a copy of 7z.exe in the same directory that you launch botcreator.exe from, or else it won’t work since it wouldn’t be able to create the PK3. (The required file is included in the botcreator download link anyway.)

Also, hooray for the first post in the Applications category! I’ve never really released an actual program before, so I often take for granted the fact that only I know exactly how everything works, and how to maneuver around certain bugs and things, but this program is simple enough that there shouldn’t be any bugs.

(View Source Code)