KOTH (Framework)

About: King of the Hill is one of my favorite game modes for first person shooters. Since Skulltag doesn’t have an officially supported version of it, I decided to make my own. One problem: I hate (and am bad at) mapping, and that’s generally a huge part of King of the Hill game modes, since it’s almost always sector based. So I created an object based version, playable on any map, with none included. You summon the king object in any map (actor name “KingPoint”), or simply edit the map to have it spawn automatically (editor thing 22001). Oh yeah and it’s played through the deathmatch game mode.

Protip: If you’re editing a map to include the object, setting the tag of it will choose the king time limit (in seconds.)

Compatibility: Doom I or II, any map, Skulltag.



About: Inspired by the abandoned Skulltag game mode of the same name. The goal is to kill all the monsters in the level in order to exit, rather than just rushing through the level and flipping the switch.

Protip: Pain Elementals are even more annoying than usual!

Compatibility: Skulltag, most likely ZDoom and others. Does NOT work with new monsters unless you modify it yourself. (Pretty trivial to do if you are the slightest bit familiar with DECORATE.)



About: Adds a new menu key in the customize controls menu for zooming. Just hold down your bind and use your mousewheel for instant sniping!

Protip: Really this is just a few aliases, which means it’ll work on any server! (Provided they don’t disable FOV changes.)

Compatibility: Skulltag, and for once, ZDoom. Doom or Doom II.


Supershotgun Mod

About: Clever name, right? Nah. Anyway, first shot shoots one barrel, second shot shoots the other, then reloads. Lather rinse repeat. Each shot only uses one ammo instead of two now. Alt fire will fire old style.

Protip: Great for conservative ammo users.

Compatibility: Skulltag, other stuff. Doom II.


Supershotgun (For Ultimate Doom)

About: The Doom II supershotgun sprites and sounds with just a snippet of DECORATE, and voilĂ ! Double barreled Ultimate Doom. Might seem a little out of place for just fighting imps and zombiemans though.

Protip: Good for any Doom I deathmatches.

Compatibility: Skulltag, probably everything else. Uhhhh, Doom I.


Herp Derp Arena

About: The floor is lava! Run around like an idiot on the blocks and punch your friends. Whenever someone steps on a block, it starts sinking into the sludge. Be the last one standing and you can win big!

Protip: This is basically Jumpmaze meets LMS.

Compatibility: Skulltag only, Doom II.


Coop Keys

About: This mod keeps keys synced between all players in co-op, even new connecting players.

Protip: USE THIS ON EVERY COOP SERVER EVER. Oh also dmflags regarding keys don’t matter with this. It’ll work even if you make players lose keys on death. HAHA.

Compatibility: Skulltag, probably exclusively. Doom and Doom II are both fine.



About: A scripted level that uses cameras to mimic sidescrolling platformers. Inspired by Commander Keen. Use your Plasma Pistol to blast away the sideways hellspawn.

Protip: Press F12 for first person.

Compatibility: Skulltag obviously, possibly others. Doom II only.


Chex Weapons

About: This mod replaces all weapons in Doom with their Chex Quest counterparts.

Protip: Since this WAD only contains sprites, sounds, and a LANGUAGE lump, you can safely auto-run this and still join servers that aren’t using it.

Compatibility: ZDoom and Skulltag tested, should work on almost any modern port. Doom and Doom II are both fine.