UPDATE: Still on Hiatus!

In case anyone still reads this, (implying anyone read it before,) I’d like to explain why I haven’t made any posts since January. Well it’s not that I haven’t been working on projects, I have. Although nothing special like some ultra giant mega project thing. Just the usual, a bunch of small projects and slight modifiers. The reason I haven’t released any of them is because half of them don’t work right now. You see, the last official Skulltag update was November 7th, 2010. (I don’t know why, I’m not very active in Skulltag’s community, despite the extent to which I use the port.) So… many of the functions I’ve been using recently aren’t in Skulltag, because they haven’t been inherited from ZDoom yet. You might be wondering why I don’t just release the ZDoom working version… Well, I would, but most of them are specifically for multiplayer. Basically what we have is a bunch of multiplayer projects (for Skulltag) using modification functionality only present in a primarily single player Doom port (ZDoom).

So just to reassure any readers that might end up here, I’m not dead, nor did I tire of Doom or the community. Just waiting for the people above me. And as soon as the next stable version of Skulltag is released, I’ll return to be pumping out mods once again. Until then, I’m learning some other programming languages and crap.