Skulltag Update: Zandronum

Doomworld posted this article yesterday… I’ll write about it when I have more time. Just spreading the word for now.

EDIT: Okay, now a week has passed, and I’ve looked more into this… So basically, Skulltag is being forked into a new project, called Zandronum. Although technically, it’s not really a fork because Skulltag itself is dead… Due to community drama that I won’t pretend I entirely understand, the former Skulltag team has decided to cut off all ties to Carnevil, including dropping the Skulltag name. So they’re leaving Skulltag with Carnevil, and creating a “new” project. Basically just renaming Skulltag and trying to move away from all of the drama. Other than that the project is really not too different than the latest Skulltag beta. In fact, it’s just about the exact same thing, except with all mentions of Skulltag replaced with Zandronum, and all stock resources removed. (Temporarily or for good, I’m not sure.) As far as where this leaves the players who just want to play Doom, well, Zandronum will let you do everything you were able to do in Skulltag, except that any mod that used Skulltag stock resources must now be loaded with skulltag_data.pk3 in addition to the wad/pk3.

There’s really nothing wrong with the port. I mean, I don’t really like the name Zandronum, but it seems most people don’t, and this has been argued to death on the forums. It doesn’t seem like it’s gonna change though, especially because it’d be a lot of work buying a new domain, getting a new logo, and even changing all of the internal mentions of the name. So I don’t really blame them, or care about that.

As for me, I guess I’ll just have to “upgrade” to this new port as soon as the first stable version is released. I wish I could stay behind with Skulltag, but I’ve already kept countless mods from being released because I was waiting on Skulltag to support a feature that’s been in ZDoom for months. And now without anyone developing Skulltag or keeping it up to date, it’ll be left behind entirely, it seems. Carnevil is the only one who has the authority or ability to continue with it, but he’s busy with other projects. It’s a real shame to see Skulltag “die” like this, but maybe one day Carnevil will return, or hire someone new to pick up Skulltag and restore it to its glory days.

That’s about all there is to say in terms of how it affects regular players who don’t care about drama. Let’s hope Zandronum will stay more up to date than Skulltag did.