Herp Derp Arena

About: The floor is lava! Run around like an idiot on the blocks and punch your friends. Whenever someone steps on a block, it starts sinking into the sludge. Be the last one standing and you can win big!

Protip: This is basically Jumpmaze meets LMS.

Compatibility: Skulltag only, Doom II.


Coop Keys

About: This mod keeps keys synced between all players in co-op, even new connecting players.

Protip: USE THIS ON EVERY COOP SERVER EVER. Oh also dmflags regarding keys don’t matter with this. It’ll work even if you make players lose keys on death. HAHA.

Compatibility: Skulltag, probably exclusively. Doom and Doom II are both fine.



About: A scripted level that uses cameras to mimic sidescrolling platformers. Inspired by Commander Keen. Use your Plasma Pistol to blast away the sideways hellspawn.

Protip: Press F12 for first person.

Compatibility: Skulltag obviously, possibly others. Doom II only.


Chex Weapons

About: This mod replaces all weapons in Doom with their Chex Quest counterparts.

Protip: Since this WAD only contains sprites, sounds, and a LANGUAGE lump, you can safely auto-run this and still join servers that aren’t using it.

Compatibility: ZDoom and Skulltag tested, should work on almost any modern port. Doom and Doom II are both fine.


Plasma Stunner

About: A pistol which fires red plasma. Upon hitting your victim, that player is stunned for 5 seconds. During these five seconds, their screen will turn white, and they will be unable to move, giving you the opportune time to attack and/or escape.

Protip: Useless in single player.

Compatibility: Skulltag, most likely everything else. Oh and Doom or Doom II.


Gun Shop

About: This mod adds a credit system to Doom. You earn credits by killing monsters or picking them up throughout the map. Once you have enough credits, you can buy new items in the Gun Shop, in-between maps. Note: This means you can no longer find weapons lying around levels now.

Protip: This will work for both single player and co-op.

Compatibility: Skullag exclusive, as usual. Doom II only, as well.


Set Custom Restart

About: Adds two new menu keys in the customize controls menu that lets you warp around the level. Basically you store your coordinates whenever you want for instant warpification to that same spot at the time of your choosing. (Warping is one way only.)

Protip: BFG-room campers.

Compatibility: Skulltag, possibly others. Doom or Doom II.